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THF has awarded a bursary to a student whom we shall call Blake, who is studying at KEVICC Totnes on the Art and Design Foundation course. This prestigious art course continues to attract some of the most talented young artists in South Devon, and previous THF bursary holders for KEVICC have gone on to very promising careers in the arts. Blake requires support as the family struggles with challenging financial circumstances.

THF is delighted to be able to support this student whose college references from a tutor are very strong.

"Despite her quiet and at times reserved manner Blake, as a student on the Art Foundation Course this year, is an intelligent, tenacious and determined practitioner who demonstrates a natural affinity for Illustration processes. Blake works consistently hard to achieve high level outcomes in all the work they produce and approach project challenges in an organised and systematic manner, carefully mapping the territory and examining the wider contextual arena whilst readily pursuing exploratory and experimental options.

By the end of the course Blake will have developed an individual and independent vision for the work as confidence and self- belief increase. Blake has the potential to go on to produce work that is innovative, dynamic and contemporaneously relevant."

We look forward to reporting on Blake's progress on the Art and Design Course.


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