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To support their aspirations in the arts, THF bursaries are available for talented and ambitious young people up to the age of 19 who are living in Teignbridge and attending secondary schools/colleges. Bursaries support those facing financial challenges in achieving their aims. Full details are available on the bursary application page by clicking here: THF website. Eligibility criteria apply.

A young Teignbridge singer recently applied for a Helen Foundation bursary this month to be able to take professional singing lessons to help fulfill her musical ambitions. In her application she wrote:

"Thank you for considering my grant to help towards me starting singing lessons. Since I was young, I've always loved singing. By sing around the house all the time and I'm in the school choir. I always used to sing to my granny, and she always used to tell me that one day she would pay for me to get singing lessons. Sadly, she passed recently and unfortunately my mum can't afford for me to get singing lessons. After I finished secondary school I would love to go on and teach singing myself. Or do some sort of job involving music, as I love it so much.

Her school music teacher wrote:

"She is now in Year 9 and her voice has really developed but cannot go any further without having 1:1 tuition to really focus on the tone and technique needed to improve further.

She is a member of the school choir and has represented the school, performing during a recent school outdoor event. During the Covid lockdown, she performed outside of her house to raise funds for the NHS. She is also taking GCSE Music in Year 10, with voice as her primary instrument. I fully support her application for funding as I believe it will open new career avenues and opportunities for her which she would not otherwise be able to access."

Trustees are currently considering her application and we will keep you posted.


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