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More than 10 schools had great workshops last term - more than we can feature this month - so we will be reporting on them in future newsletters.

Westcliff celebrating school values

Westcliff accessed the Arts Recovery Fund to allow Year 6 pupils at Westcliff to proudly celebrate the school’s six special values, which underpin the curriculum, by creating six large murals to be permanently displayed to visitors, staff and children. The project also provided the children with a valuable teamwork experience before moving on to secondary school

The school writes:

“The year 6 art week was a huge success! During this week, the pupils had the opportunity to work with Daisi-accredited artist James Hedge to create murals based on our school values. This work will be proudly hung in the school grounds for all to see and enjoy. We would like to take this opportunity to thank The Helen Foundation, for their generous support in providing funding which has allowed this fantastic opportunity for the children to go ahead. It has allowed the children to develop their collaboration and teamwork skills, as well as extending their understanding of paint processes alongside a talented expert. Thank you – we are extremely grateful!”

St Joseph’s celebrating Catholic virtues

Year 5 enjoyed a whole day of art, working alongside the artist Anna Boland. The workshop was a Helen Foundation supported event, facilitated by DAISI.

The children explored our Catholic Virtues and produced large acrylic and multi-media canvases incorporating their designs and ideas. They will take pride of place in the school and help us as we focus on learning about the Catholic Virtues and embedding them in our lives.

The children really enjoyed their day, which was able to happen thanks to the generosity of The Helen Foundation.

Denbury whole school sculpture project

Denbury used both their THF annual subsidy and their ARF funding to run a really ambitious whole school sculpture project using recycled materials – mostly wood. They children made a variety of sculptures celebrating the natural world including some brilliant insects designs! These were suspended as branches from a tall post to create a remarkable sculpture tree. Led by artist Peter Margerum, the children had a terrific time. Two of THF's trustees, Annie and Roger Kirk, were able to visit the project as it was largely outside in good weather and were truly impressed by the scope of the work involved. Jamie Stone, Head at Denbury, wrote:

“Our children enjoyed a week of wonderful art activities, from design through to modelling and constructing their creations. We are so pleased with our sculpture tree and all made from reclaimed wood. It will be a lasting memory of a wonderful event at Denbury that brought the whole school together. We would like to give a very special thanks to The Helen Foundation who supported our workshops which were facilitated by the Daisi project and artist Peter Margerum.”

Bearnes willow sculpture

Trustees were also able to visit Bearnes School, where artist Anna Boland ran a willow workshop outside in a shady corner of the playgroup. The small group of pupils bervamse completely absorbed in what they were creating and many surprised themselves at what they could achieve during the workshop. Bearnes wrote:

"We recently had a wonderful KS2 Willow Workshop. This was a Helen Foundation supported workshop facilitated by Daisi, with a local artist, Anna Boland. The children had a great time creating willow creatures for our new Outdoor Learning area. It was such fun getting artistic and having time to become fully immersed in nurturing our creative talents!" Click HERE for more details.

''On Friday, we made willow animals. I made a willow dragonfly.'' Elsie

''In the willow workshop, our different groups made different

animals. We made a fish, dragonfly and a bee. Then at the end, we could make what we wanted to take home.'' Tym


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