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Blackpool School writes:

'Last term, our Unit 3 pupils enjoyed the opportunity to take part in Helen Foundation-supported workshops facilitated by Daisi, focusing on drawing with shade and perspective. The workshops, led by Daisi-registered artist Monica Shanta Brown, took place over three days with each of the Unit 3 classes having one full day each. The pupils used a combination of careful observation and theory to understand how to create drawings with depth.'

Through a series of short activities, the session balanced the use of mark making and shading with an exploration of shape, introducing concepts such as proportion and vanishing points.

It was clear from the pupils’ feedback that they thoroughly enjoyed the work with Monica and found the work both challenging and inspiring. Here are some of their comments:

“I loved the workshop and how the artist explained everything very clearly. I like how we had to make faces with the cups and all the other items. I also love blending the pencil shadings together because I did not know how to do that before. I love how she was very patient with art and her art pieces were wonderful. Thank you so much Monica Shanta for coming.”

“I really enjoyed when we did the toning. I found it very fun. I found drawing the object thing quite hard. I have learned how to tone and shade and that it is not as easy as it sounds and I think the workshop is a great place and that your art is amazing. Keep up the great art. Hope you come again.”


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