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THF has had notice from an active group in Teignbridge. ACT is a campaigning group, raising awareness about the current climate emergency. ACT is pleased to announce a new group: Act With The Arts. This exciting project aims to spread the message about the urgency of taking action on the climate and ecological emergency via the artsThey write: "Art in all its forms speaks to us in a different way from facts and figures, drawing an emotional response rather than a rational one. ACT With The Arts group aims to explore people’s ideas, thoughts and feelings through exhibitions and performances, using art, dance, poetry, music, film and theatre. 

"Please join in with your ideas and suggestions as the project grows; we want to appeal to people of all ages and abilities, especially artists and people who enjoy play and fun. We want the Festival to be a thought-provoking and uplifting event that offers a positive vision for the future of Teignbridge. We plan to involve as many groups and institutions as possible, and are already talking to schools, for example."


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