THF is celebrating Helen’s 40th birthday this year by running its biggest ever fund-raising drive.  The plan is to raise £40,000 for an Arts Recovery Fund that schools in Teignbridge can access to help kick-start their arts programmes so badly battered by the pandemic this last 12 months. Click here to learn more.

 Let’s Do It!  Dare to Dream!

An arts-based charity to support and motivate young people in all branches of
the arts in Teignbridge, South Devon -
school awards, workshops, bursaries,
major arts projects.


just go for it and...

dare to dream

The Helen Foundation

The Helen Foundation is a living memorial

to the life of Helen - a charitable trust that supports the aspiration of young people who live in Teignbridge

What we do

We provide funding in schools, subsidised arts-based workshops and bursaries to encourage and support young people to develop their talents and pursue their ambitions


Apply for funding

You can apply to the Helen Foundation for support and funding as an Individual, for School funding or funding for an Arts Based Project

Providing funding to individuals, schools and arts based workshops to encourage young people to develop their talents and pursue their ambitions

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