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Kenn and Kenton Schools are both part of the Osprey Learning Trust. Artist Kerrie Seymour led two workshops late last term, one each at each school, supported by funding from The Helen Foundation. All the children in both schools (over 200 in total) took part in the workshops, collaborating to create a sunshine-themed mandala to be installed in the both schools' entrance hallways to welcome guests with a vibrant positive sunny piece of art and its message, contributed to by every child.

Artist Kerrie Seymour wrote:

"I had a lovely time delivering work in Kenn and Kenton schools. it was a pleasure to work with so many lovely and wonderfully creative children. Together we created some large bright and positive mandala collages for the wall. We learnt about mandala art, patterns and tessellation in nature and bees and pollination. Many thanks to the Foundation for the funding to make such projects happen for the children in our communities."

The pupils wrote:

"I really enjoyed the very creativeness of the work. It was soothing too"- Henry

"I learned that red, orange and yellow all complement each other and different things - pencils and crayons and felts - all make different textures" - Isabella

"I think the work we did will look amazing put up on our hall walls. The workshop was fun because the whole class learned something and it was enjoyable because of the art and colouring" - Edie

Well done everyone! Terrific project with an inspiring outcome!


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