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Powderham Live! feedback

Recently, 30 young musicians – solo singers, groups and bands – performed at Powderham Live! the brilliant creation of the Countess of Devon, A J Langer, and a dedicated team including Kevin Ward, Robin Brown of The Cave, trustees of The Helen Foundation and Powderham Castle staff.

With auditions, coaching and supported practice – all free to the young people involved – performers were then given the opportunity to perform in one of England’s finest music venues – the iconic Regency Music Room at Powderham Castle.

This year's really successful Powderham Live! generated a great deal of positive comment and thoughtful feedback from the young performers. Here's just a sample:

Liv Trapnell ”Watching my sister and all the other artists perform over last three years has inspired me to perform myself. Eva Parfitt and I are both year 10 students, and music is something we both get great enjoyment from. Playing together is fantastic and we feel this event will hopefully be the start of our journey.”

Robert Thornbury ”My vocal range dropped an octave in the run up to last year’s show, which meant I couldn’t perform that year. This year, however, my voice has settled and I was overjoyed to be there again." 

Will Ambrose "I used to watch my dad playing and have been brought up with guitar-based music. I started playing when I was 10, and  I want to be successful musician in the future.”

Well done everyone on another great year of music-making, and good luck to all of you for the future!


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