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Hennock Primary School enjoyed a highly successful Helen Foundation-supported workshop led by Jess Carvill. The whole school took part in the workshop day in small groups and Jess introduced them to felt-making and the colourful world of textile design. The young people then had a chance to go and create individual 2-D wet-felted images based on the theme of underwater creatures.

The children said: (names changed to protect their identities):

"I love felting because I do a lot of crafting and it was a new experience for me. I loved helping out with cutting out the fish." Aaron

"I really enjoyed making the felt pictures as you could just do what you wanted, and could be free by making a picture. I absolutely loved it." Kit

"The workshop was fun and I felt really creative. I learnt so many new things such as how to place the felt to make a picture. I found the spraying quite difficult though." Noah


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