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Bev Sydenham from Exminster writes:

"Thank you THF and the Daisi charity for the most brilliant screen print workshop at Exminster School on Friday 14th May. We are delighted with the end results and the children loved it. We have had really positive feedback from parents too.

We gave George Barron at Double Elephant an identity themed logo designed by each Y6 child as they prepare to move on to Y7. George amalgamated these into two class designs which were then printed onto t-shirts to give the children a lasting memory of their primary school classmates."


"This was one of the best days of my life."


In really enjoying making them because they are really cool, and nice to wear.It was the first time making a design and putting it on my own t-shirt and then wearing it. Thank you very much."


"I really want to thank you for this project. I'm really proud of my t-shirt and poster which are displayed in my room."


"I have worn my t-shirt over the weekend. I love it!"


'I really enjoyed the screen printing session and I would gladly do it again. My favourite part was using the squeegee to drag ink down to make the print. Our instructors were kind and made screen printing a great lesson, and now I feel more inspired towards arts."


"The workshop was incredible. I found it so much fun that in my picture, I was laughing. The actual screen printing was nerve-wracking because we only had one shirt - but it went well."


"I found it hard to do because I'm shy around new people and the pushing down was tricky since we've never done this before. I learnt a lot".


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