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Dawlish tackles the environment

Supported by a very sizeable grant from The Helen Foundation, Dawlish College worked during the Easter term with seven primary schools - Starcross, Cockwood, Gatehouse, Exminster, Westcliff, Kenn and Kenton - to create an ambitious joint showcase involving art, music and drama on the very topical theme of plastic in the environment.

Primary school pupils, led by Dawlish College Art Teacher Liz Lithgow (pictured left), and assisted by secondary students, benefited from exposure to art skills, techniques and materials that they do not usually use. In addition, they deepened their understanding of the impact of plastic on the environment. Creations included teepees, Africa-inspired masks, framed collages and large floor panels.

The showcase exhibition on 3rd April included a joint choral project, and a drama performance by Year 9 students. The evening ended with choirs from all 8 schools singing  a beautifully harmonised version of Strawberry Fair, led by Dawlish College Director of Music, Jonathan Waterworth.

Well done everyone involved!  

Our thanks go to Dawlish College Head of School, Rachel Wickham, for co-ordinating the event, to all the teachers and classroom assistants who all worked so well together, and especially to all the pupils who contributed, including rehearsing the music on a Saturday morning. This week's performance was a real tonic - a terrific celebration of the arts and their importance to all of us.

A parent wrote to say:

"Wow! thanks again for organising and funding tonight and all the preparation of the Art and singing. Treasured memories for the children that is much appreciated. It was fantastic to hear them all sing together."


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