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Birdman Adam reaches his goal!

We featured Adam in the November THF November 2018 newsletter. Adam Bird, a young teacher, set out to run 52 half marathons in one year in support of THF and Adam completed  this remarkable feat of sheer guts, persistence and determination late in December and raised over £200 for THF.

Adam says: "Being a teacher myself, I love the fact that THF strive towards promoting the arts within schools, as it gives children a platform to express themselves creatively. I believe that every young person should be given the opportunity and encouragement to pursue these areas. THF also support a number of young people who have talents in the arts, but who simply cannot afford lessons, equipment etc."

I’d never set myself a challenge like this before, and I wouldn’t say it’s been particularly fun! But I feel that when you’re putting your body under a fair amount of stress, it really does make you appreciate why you’re doing it in the first place."

Thank you so much Adam, we are really proud of you!


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