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All Saints Marsh School Newton Abbott enjoyed an outstanding workshop led by artist James Hedge. The project was to create a series of new murals for display in the school, linked to their topic of abstract landscape painting, their class names and the local landmarks which they're named after.

THF trustees Annie and Roger Kirk visited the workshop and talked to the children, as they try and do whenever possible, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the children in action. The final results should be excellent!

The children said:

"I am so happy and proud about the work my class has created, all thanks to you. I am so excited to find out what we're going to be doing next year" Izzy

"The best bit was you chose the right subject because I love art." Matthew

"The best bit was when we did the mixing colours because I love the patterns of the colours." Eliza

"The bit I found hard was wet ragging." Mary


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