Applying for Individual funding

Applying for Individual Bursaries

We provide a range of individual bursaries usually up to a maximum of £500, to support young people with aspirations in the arts. For example (but not limited to these): to buy time in a recording studio; to take singing or music lessons; to hire an instrument for a term’s music lessons; to buy new artistic/photographic equipment; or to have voice training. 

Young people applying should have the backing of a recent teacher or tutor or youth leader who knows them well and is willing to support their application. Trustees have the discretion to consider a wide range of reasons that young people apply for support in their ambitions. Do not hesitate to ask us before you apply if you are unsure whether to apply or not.

Qualification for a bursary

To qualify, the young person must be at secondary school or college up to age 19 at the time of applying, and to be currently resident in Teignbridge and have lived in the District more or less continuously for the past five years.

Particular encouragement is given to young people from low-income families. Trustees routinely seek confirmation that families are in receipt of benefits e.g. Family Tax Credits. If agreed, payments will be made directly to the organization e.g. recording studio; or supplier e.g. music shop or music teacher and not to the individual applying.

While the trustees will consider all applications received on a case-by-case basis, we would ask all applicants or potential applicants to note that trustees will generally give priority to those who have not previously benefited from the award of a Helen Foundation bursary.

Unless there is a compelling reason – e. g. disability – young people aged 11 and above who wish to apply should do so themselves. 


This can be done by:

a)   completing the Grant Application form online.

b)   completing the Grant Application form in hand-writing or word-processing and sending it via email or by post to the address shown below.

Parents/carers may wish to submit additional detail but should not be the primary source of the application.

To download the Grant Application form in Word format, click on the link below:

THF Grant Application Form (365kb)


If posting the form, send it to:

The Grants Administrator,
The Helen Foundation,
3 Broadlands, Shaldon,
Devon, TQ14 0EH


In the meantime, if you have any difficulty downloading the forms or any questions please contact us, either in writing to the address above or via email.